How To Monetize Your Website or Mobile Application


For those of you looking to monetize your website or mobile app:

G4Offers has made it easy for you to earn more from your traffic all on auto-pilot with a cool tool we offer, called the Ad Manager.

Here’s how the Ad Manager works and how easy it is to get a campaign running. Pick a bunch of offers/creatives that you want to display and we’ll give you a small piece of JavaScript code to place onto your website/mobile application. When the code is placed the banners will display and rotate. The Ad Manager will automatically display the correct banners according to each website visit and according to the geo location of the visitors. The Ad Manager will also optimize your ads and show the best converting banners/offers more often- all on autopilot.

Finding a winning campaign has never been so easy, the Ad Manager does most of the work for you.

Instructions on creating your first Ad Group:

Ad Manager- Creating your first ad group:

Steps Instructions
Step 1 Click the Tools menu bar, located on the left hand side of the user area, then click Ad Groups.
Step 2 Create a name for the Ad Group.
Step 3 Select one of the following from type of creativesBanner (recommended), Link or Text.

  • Banner: A standard display banner.
  • Link: This is a single URL that will redirect to a pool of offer URLs added to the campaign.


  • Text: A basic text link with text wrapped in a HTML anchor tag (note: text is not available at the moment)

If you choose Banner (Recommended) two text fields will display asking you for the width and height of the banner.

Please Note: The recommended banner sizes in order are 300×250, 728×90, and 468×60. The banner sizes just mentioned are the most common sizes, we provide creatives for.


Step 4 Select one of the following from Serve Ads: ( Randomly, By Optimization, or Custom Weights )

  • Randomly: The banners will rotate randomly.


  • Optimization: This will allow you to set the rotation of your banners on autopilot so you can see which banner is performing the best. If you select Optimization, you will have five types of optimization to choose from: Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR), Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM), Revenue Per Click (RPC).
  • Custom Weight: You can specify how many of the impressions the banner will see in the ad campaign. This gives you control over how much weight the creative will have compared to the other creatives.
    The more weight you give a particular banner the more it will display.
Step 5 Click update ad group.
Step 6 Click Add Creatives – A drop down list will display with a whole bunch of banners you can choose from to add to your Ad Group.

Please Note: If the banners don’t display in the drop down list, that means you picked a banner size we don’t provide. You may have to go back to step 3 and add one of the following banner sizes 300×250, 728×90, and 468×60

Step 7 Click the Add button next to each creative you want in the rotation. After you add all the creatives click close on the top right corner.
Final Step Generate Ad Tags – After you Add the creatives to your ad group you will see some JavaScript code. You have to copy this code and paste it on your website or mobile app where ever you want the banners to display.
Campaign GEO Targeting Please Note: The ad manager gives priority to offers with geo location targeting. If you have a campaign in the Ad Manager and have two banners: one banner attached to an offer that targets the United States only, and the other has no targeting and is open to all countries. Users that are located in the United States will see only the banner connected to the United States offer and the banner linked to all countries won’t be displayed to the user. Users that are located outside of the United States based on their IP would only see the offer with no target and is set to all countries.
Offer Approval Important- Please Note: You can select banners for all the offers in your Ad Group but they will not display until you are approved for the offers. We suggest selecting all the banners first for the offers you plan on running. Then, after you’ve selected the banners you want to run, you should then request for approval on the offers you selected banners for.

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